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EURISCO is a web-based catalogue that provides information about ex situ plant collections maintained in Europe.

EURISCO is based on a European network of ex situ National Inventories (NIs) that makes the European plant genetic resources data available everywhere in the world. The EURISCO Web Catalogue automatically receives data from the NIs through country National Focal Points (NFPs).

The EURISCO Catalogue contains passport data about 1.8 million samples of crop diversity representing more than 6,200 genera and more than 41,600 species (genus-species combinations including synonyms and spelling variants) from 43 countries (updated January 2016).

These samples of crop diversity represent more than half of the ex situ accessions maintained in Europe and roughly 16% of total worldwide holdings. EURISCO is a one-stop shop window using international standards for information on ex situ plant collections that enables users to search and access information on food crops, forages, wild-and-weedy species, including cultivars, landraces, farmers' varieties, breeding lines, genetic stocks and research material.

Following the mandate and guidance given by the ECPGR Steering Committee, EURISCO is hosted at and maintained by IPK Gatersleben on behalf of Bioversity International, which acts as the legal entity of the Secretariat of the European Cooperative Programme for Plant Genetic Resources (ECPGR), in collaboration with and on behalf of the National Focal Points for the National Inventories.

EURISCO is working with NFPs to improve the search mechanisms, data and metadata standards, web services and other necessary components of an Internet-based information infrastructure for ex situ plant genetic resources. EURISCO makes data from the NIs available to users around the world. These data are made available according to the existing data policy - legal notice and terms of use.

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Citing data: Users of EURISCO data shall always give credit to the Catalogue. Use the following format to cite data retrieved from the EURISCO Catalogue: "EURISCO Catalogue,, date of data consultation (YYYY-MM-DD)"

Citing EURISCO: S. Weise, M. Oppermann, L. Maggioni, T. van Hintum and H. Knüpffer (2017). EURISCO: The European Search Catalogue for Plant Genetic Resources. Nucleic Acids Research, 45(D1):D1003-1008.

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