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Trait NameTrait RemarkTrait MethodDetails
Glume - shoulder shapeTriticum L. (spring)Rating score (1=shoulder is absent angle >135°, 3=oblique 135 - 95°, 5=horizontal 94 - 86°, 7=elevated85 - 45°, 9=rounded < 45°)scores
Glume - textureTriticum L. (spring)Rating score (1=very tender, 3=tender, 5=intermediate, 7=coarse, 9=very coarse)scores
Caryopsis - shapeTriticum L. (spring)Rating score (1=spherical, 2=rounded (barrel-shaped), 3=ovate, 4=elongated, 5=very elongated, 6=falcate, 7=humpbacked, 8=flat (compressed on each side), 9=other)scores
Flour - baking quality (Prugar method)Triticum L. (spring)Rating score (1=very low<20,0 points, 2=20,0-30,0 points, 3=low 30,1-40,0 points, 4=40,1-50,0 points, 5=medium50,1-60,0 points, 6=60,1-70,0 points, 7=high70,1-80,0 points, 8=80,1-90,0 points, 9=very high >90,0 points)scores
Spike - awnednessTriticum L. (spring)Rating score (1=awnless, 2=very short-awnletted <10 mm, upper part of spike, 3=short-awnletted10-20 mm, upper part of spike, 4=awnletted21-40 mm, upper part of spike, 5=long-awnetted41-60 mm, upper part of spike, 6=short awned <40 mm, whole spike, 7=awned >length of spike, 8=long awned<two times length of spike, 9=very long awned >two times length of spike)scores
Spike - colour of the awnsTriticum L. (spring)Rating score (1=same as spike, 9=different (black or partly black))scores
Caryopsis - colourTriticum L. (spring)Rating score (1=light-yellow, 2=yellow, 3=amber-yellow, 4=light-brown, 5=brown, 6=amber-brown, 7=green, 8=violet, 9=other)scores
Stand - number of spikesTriticum L. (spring)Rating score (1=very small<150 /m2, 2=150-250 /m2, 3=small251-350 /m2, 4=351-450 /m2, 5=medium 451-550 /m2, 6=551-650 /m2, 7=large651-750 /m2, 8=751-850 /m2, 9=very large>850 /m2)scores
Plant - number of productive tillersTriticum L. (spring)Rating score (1=very low <1,1, 2=1,1-1,5, 3=low 1,6-2,0, 4=2,1-2,5, 5=medium2,6-3,0, 6=3,1-3,5, 7=high3,6-4,0, 8=4,1-4,5, 9=very high>4,5)scores
Spike - grain massTriticum L. (spring)Rating score (1=very low <0,6 g, 2=0,6-0,8 g, 3=low 0,9-1,1 g, 4=1,2-1,4 g, 5=medium1,5-1,7 g, 6=1,8-2,0 g, 7=high2,1-2,3 g, 8=2,4-2,6 g, 9=very high>2,6 g)scores
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