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Trait NameTrait RemarkTrait MethodDetails
Health statusNew ECPGR descriptor defined in 2011Rating score from 1 (accession free from quarantine pest and disease, as resulting from a recent (<2 years) evaluation test) to 9 (health status not yet controlled)scores
Fruit useECPGR Prunus descriptorRating score from 1 (scion cultivar) to 4 (no use)scores
Plant useECPGR Prunus descriptorRating score from 1 (clonal rootstock) to 9 (no use)scores
RootstockECPGR Prunus descriptor-scores
Number of plants used for evaluationECPGR Prunus descriptor-scores
Year of observationECPGR Prunus descriptor-scores
Season of floweringECPGR Prunus descriptorTime of beginning of flowering (class) 1 to 9scores
Harvest maturityECPGR Prunus descriptorSeason of maturity for picking (class) 1 to 9scores
Fruit sizeECPGR Prunus descriptorAverage weight of fruit (class) 1 (<10 g) to 9 (>70 g)scores
Fruit shapeECPGR Prunus descriptorFruit shape (class) 1 to 8scores
  • 1 - 10 of 40

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