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Data dictionary

This data dictionary provides an overview of descriptors that are used on various subpages for a range of reports.

Passport data descriptorACCENAMEAccession name
Passport data descriptorACCENUMBHolding institute accession number
Passport data descriptorACCEURLAccession URL
Passport data descriptorACQDATEAcquisition date
Passport data descriptorAEGISSTATA European Genebank Integrated System status
Passport data descriptorANCESTAncestral data
Passport data descriptorBREDCODEBreeding institute code
Passport data descriptorBREDNAMEBreeding institute name
Passport data descriptorCOLLCODECollecting institute code
Passport data descriptorCOLLDATECollecting date of sample
Passport data descriptorCOLLINSTADDRESSCollecting institute address
Passport data descriptorCOLLMISSIDCollecting mission identifier
Passport data descriptorCOLLNAMECollecting institute name
Passport data descriptorCOLLNUMBCollecting number
Passport data descriptorCOLLSITELocation of collecting site